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Shaheed Darshan Singh Pheruman Public School Rayya (History)

S. Darshan Singh Pheruman was born on 1st Aug., 1886 at Pheruman in district Amritsar. His mother’s name was Smt. Raj Kaur and Father's name was S.Chanda Singh. He passed his matriculation from Doaba Khalsa School Jalandhar. The massacre of Jallianwala Bagh on 13th April 1919 changed his life. He spent many years of his life in jails of Multan and Nabha for freedom of country.

In 1926, he went to Malaya. There he observed five days hunger strike for keeping Sikh traditions alive. He participated actively in the freedom struggle. After Independence he participated in the struggle of Akali Dal for reorganizing Punjab State on the basis of Language.

On 15th August 1969 he observed fast unto death after performing Ardas to the Almighty God. In the morning of 27th Oct., 1969 he established a unique example of his martyrdom after the hunger strike of 74 days giving proof of his self- reliance and strong determination.


Jathedar Sohan Singh Jalalusman was a Veteran freedom fighter, who spent major part of his life for liberating the country from the clutches of the British Rule, His whole life is a saga of sacrifice, dedication and devotion. He was born on 23rd March, 1901, in village Jalausman in Amritsar district.

Jathedar Jalausman had a high sense of punctuality and uprightness. His life was an embodiment of experience, sacrifice and relentless struggle. He had maturity of outlook, classical discipline and a faith in the evolution of human beings.

He had set a very high example of noble services, self respect decency, decorum and what is more love for everybody. Jathedar Sohan Singh was one of those stalwarts of whom all Punjabis fell proud of.

In the field of education Jathedar Jalausman had made a positive contribution. He opened several schools besides upgrading many schools. He established Shaheed Darshan Singh Pheruman Memorial College for Woman in 1974 in order to provide opportunities to the public of this area to get their daughters education at par the opportunities prevailing in urban areas at that time. Subsequently, the Late Jathedar thought of establishing a public school. The present SHAHEED DARSHAN SINGH PHERUMAN PUBLIC SCHOOL, RAYYA then came into existence in 1981.


Shaheed Darshan Singh Pheruman Jathedar Sohan Singh Jalalusman
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